What is an e-wallet?

As consumers increasingly turn to online shopping to buy goods and services, an e-wallet is fast becoming a necessity for people wanting to make online payments safely and conveniently. An e-wallet is simply a free online prepaid account in which you deposit a certain amount of funds and use them to make payments or purchases at participating retailers by means of  Origin e-wallet integration.


Secure and convenient payments Transfer to any bank account:

The Origin E-Wallet enables you to make online payments conveniently and securely. You will have positive control and can send money instantly even from remote places without any complications. Your transactions through this process will be safe, private and unlimited.

Key Features of Global Service Centre:

1. Origin Money remittance E wallet portal will be provided.

2. Max. B2C services will be enabled in Centre.

3. Online Recharge facility to Data Card, Prepaid, DTH etc …

4. LED whole sale supply chain authority will be provided to GSC.

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Origin E-Wallet – Domestic Remittance Service by Origin India Pvt. Terms and Conditions governing the use of Origin `India Pvt. Ltd. Any person coming for money remittance service “Sender” shall mean resident Indian individual coming to GSC outlet to avail Domestic Remittance Service with Origin E-Wallet ,“Business Correspondent (BC)” will be the entity who has a tie up with Origin E-Wallet  Service and thus the appointed entity for carrying out this service in the market. “Business Correspondent Agent (BCA)” will be the individual/entity who has been appointed by Business Correspondent of Origin E-Wallet Money Service for carrying out this service on the ground. “Facility” shall mean Domestic Remittance facility which provides the Sender to avail services post providing information relating to his personal details, KYC documents, beneficiary and beneficiary account details, etc, “Personal Information” shall mean the information about the sender/beneficiary obtained in connection with the Facility. “Website” refers to the website owned, established and maintained by Origin E-Wallet  located at the URL . In this document all reference to Sender in masculine gender shall be deemed to include the feminine gender. TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Sender 1. BC and BC Agent approved/appointed entities by Origin `India Pvt. Ltd  will be allowed to carry out this service on ground 2. Sender is requested to furnish correct Beneficiary details (beneficiary name, Account No., Bank details) at the time of Beneficiary Addition. 3. Neither BC nor Bank will NOT entertain any complain with reference to any mistake/omission on the part of the sender. 4. The sender can demand for a vernacular language explanation and service T&Cs from the BCA before signing any documents during availing this service 5. As a part of the registration process, Sender will have to declare that the details provided for money transfer are correct and true to the best of his/her knowledge and that Origin E wallet/ BC will not be held responsible for any loss occurring due to incorrect information provided by sender. 6. Beneficiary account added during Registration  for transactions will be received by the sender either in physical copy or sms on registered number.7. The receipt will be only a provisional acknowledgement for accepting your remittance amount in cash for onward remittance as per the details of the beneficiary provided by the sender and not a confirmation of delivery of remittance amount to the intended beneficiary.


8. BC and/or this outlet in its capacity as BC/BC Agent respectively, does not bear any liability/ies and consequences thereon arising due to any delay and/or non-delivery of your remittance amount to the intended beneficiary upon furnishing incorrect information 9. For any registration related issues the Sender should contact the BC Agent. 10. For any issues faced with regards to the service of the BC agent, Sender should feel free to contact the Origin `India Pvt. Ltd. TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Retailer/ BC Agent 1. The Retailer hereby applies and agrees to be appointed as the BC Agent/s of Origin `India Pvt. Ltd . through BC for the purposes herein above mentioned. 2. The Retailer hereby agrees and undertakes the following: a) To act as the BC Agent of Origin `India Pvt. Ltd, through GSC, upon the execution of this Business Correspondent Agent Registration Form and abide by the “Terms and Conditions” contained in this Business Correspondent Agent Registration Form; b) The “Terms and Conditions” herein shall be applicable only for the said appointment of the Retailer as BC Agents. c) The Retailer on being appointed as BC Agents hereby agrees and undertakes to abide by the Terms and Conditions mentioned herein:

1. OFFERING OF BC SERVICES a) All Services shall be provided solely through BC’s portal or are recorded therein and no offline transactions are permitted. b) Under no circumstances, fake/false receipts should be issued by the BC Agents for the willful fraud transaction done by the BC Agents which is not transacted through BC’s Software/portal. However, if any BC Agents is found and/or discovered doing any such malicious/wrong/willful/fraudulent acts and/or offline transactions, it shall be liable and charged for such civil/penal and criminal acts by and under but not limited to the Indian Penal Code 1860 and Criminal Procedure Code 1973. c) The BC Agents hereby agrees that the offering of BC Services by the BC Agents to the general public shall be at the sole discretion of BC and thus BC reserves the right to offer/continue to offer and/or discontinue offering the BC Services through the BC Agents, at any time for any reason(s) as may be deemed fit by BC, from time to time. However, BC will provide prior intimation to the BC Agents of any such act. 2. USE OF BC AGENTS’S PREMISES FOR BC SERVICES In addition to BC’s services, the BC Agents shall for the BC Services, undertake to use its premises solely for the Bank and confirms that BC Agent’s premises are neither being currently used and nor will be simultaneously used in future for any BC Services and/or similar product offerings of any other Banks.

3. WORKING LIMIT The BC Agents shall keep and undertakes to maintain adequate balance as the working limit that the BC Agent maintains with BC, in advance, at all times in order to ensure timely settlement of transactions and to ensure seamless service to the general public. 4. SCHEDULE OF CHARGES BC will provide ‘Bank’s Approved Schedule of Charges’ containing details of fair and reasonable charges/fees, which can be collected from the BC Sender for delivery of BC Services through the BC model.

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