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GHTS is a trusted name in developing Mass Marketing Concepts, Software Development. Networking Solutions — Wired and Wireless, ie We provides Total networking solutions. GHTS is mainly known for its technical support & services after sailing product or solution to customers & channel partners. GHTS is energized and managed by a team of Professionals. We offer the best & latest technological Product, Solutions and Services at the most competitive prices to increase productivity & profits of channel partners & End Customers.

GHTS Network : Experience Wire less High Speed Internet with different speeds. You can now stream videos online, download movies, share photos, play games, and do lots more with our Wi-Fi High Speed Internet service.

Services & Solution Provided:

  1. Hardware (Ex: MikroTik , TPLink, Network cable etc. )Support for total networking solutions.
  2. Bandwidth Solution as per customer Requirement.
  3. Voip & Conference calling concept through Internet.
  4. Technical Support for WiFi Networking Solution.
  5. Bandwidth managing software Support.
  6. 24 x 7 online Technical Support.

Contact Details:

For New Connection & Plan query: +91 7535890001, 7534880001
For Technical Support : +91 7534850001

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