GPS Tracker solution

GPS1-300x143GPS trackers provide an excellent way to keep track of your Vechile. Through the use of a small device and a simple software application on your Mac, Windows PC or smartphone, you can monitor their location from anywhere. These GPS navigators are small and easy to set up and use, and will show you an updated, time-stamped location of your Vechile, It will also keep a history of where they’ve been.

And We have introduced GPS Real time tracking facility for:

  • Commercial Four Wheeler Vehicles (Large & Small)
  • Private Vehicles
  • Two Wheelers vehicle (Scooty  & Bikes) Special GPS device introduced for this with very low price.

Some of the Features available in GPS Vehicle Tracking System:

  • Location Reporting
  • Real Time Tracking with Live Maps
  • Location Alerts
  • Historical Route Information for last 2 month
  • Unauthorized Zone Alerts
  • Web-based Software and Mobile Apps
  • Vehicle control through SMS
  • SOS
  • AC & Ignition Switch On indicator.
  • Battery Backup.

Features Details:

Positioning and Tracking :

Through the on-line Positioning Platform or the cell phone to locates at times, and get the working status. You can choose the Positioning Platform by yourself.

Triggering Emergency Alarm :

When there is an emergency happened on the vehicle, you can put on the button and the installed unit will send out alarm to the authorized numbers.

Remote controlling oil and circuit :

You can control the oil and circuit via the unit by SMS in anywhere and anytime.

Remote Monitoring :

In anywhere and anytime, call the phone number in the unit, when it connects, you can monitor the sound around 5 meter.

Movement Alert :

Send the SMS to the unit to start the movement alert function. When the vehicle is moving, the unit will send the movement alert to all authorized numbers.

Over speed Alert :

Send the SMS to the unit to start the movement alert function. When the vehicle is overspeed, the unit will send the overspeed alert to all authorized numbers.

Geo-fence :

Set up a geo-fence for the unit to restrict its movements within a district. The unit will send the message to all authorized numbers when it breaches the district.

Auto Track :

You can set up auto track by SMS or on-line positioning platform.

*Note: Features will Vary as per Device model.

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